Feng Liu

The 4th International Conference on Science of Cyber Security-
 SciSec 2022

August, 10-12, 2022 | Matsue city, Shimane, Japan

The International Conference on Science of Cyber Security

The Science of Cybersecurity, as a new forum, was initiated in 2018 and aims to catalyze the research collaborations between the relevant cybersecurity communities and disciplines that can work together to deepen our understanding of, and build a firm foundation for, the emerging Science of CyberSecurity. Publications in this venue would distinguish themselves from others by taking or thinking from a holistic perspective about cyber security, rather than a building-block perspective.

  • Bo Liu, Feng Liu, Gene Tsudik, Jia Xu, Jingguo Wang, Moti Yung, Shouhuai Xu, Future Research Directions towards Science of Cyber Security. Panel discussion of SciSec 2019.

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