Feng Liu

"A scientist in a broad sense is one engaging in a systematic activity to acquire knowledge. In a more restricted sense, a scientist is an individual who uses the scientific method."

- Adopted from definition of "Scientist" in Wikipedia -  


I received my bachelor degree of computer science in 2003 from Shandong University and received my Ph.D degree of information security in 2009, under supervision of Professor Chuankun Wu, from Institute of Software (IOS), CAS. I'm currently a professor and Ph.D supervisor of SKLOIS, IIE, CAS. I'm also serves as a professor of School of Cybersecurity, Univeristy of Chinese Academy of Sciences.
My current research interests include: strategic and economic aspects of information security, visual security and cryptography, network security and security protocols. I am looking for opportunities to cooperate with researchers within my research interests all over the world.


Congratulations: The SciSec2021 will be held in Fudan University in a hybrid mode, Shanghai China. Selected paper will be published in Springer LNCS proceedings. Welcome to attend.

Congratulations: My Ph.D student Yaqin Zhang's paper "A Study on Deception-based Moving Target Defense", was accepted by Journal of Cybersecurity.

Congratulations: My Ph.D student Kun Jia's paper "DDoS detection and mitigation Framework in SDN", was accepted by Journal of Cybersecurity.

Congratulations: My Ph.D student Zixian Tang's paper "HSLF: HTTP Header Sequence based LSH fingerprints for Application Traffic Classification", was accepted by ICCS 2021.

I serve as the editor-in-chief of IJDCF, which is ESCI indexed. Please submit your research paper to IJDCF.